'Can-Do' Fabis - Ventilation Engineers, Nottingham

Fabis design, supply, install and maintain a wide variety of ventilation systems. Ranging in size and scope from office and toilet extraction systems, through fresh air supply systems for commercial and industrial applications to the very latest energy efficient heat recovery ventilation units.

We only design ventilation systems to conform with current building regulations. All ventilation systems are installed with adherence to industry regulations, such as DW142 and TR19 approval.

With correct ventilation your buildings will be comfortable places to work by minimising or eliminating various factors including fumes, odours and heat. Due to improvements in construction many modern buildings are now designed/built to very exacting requirements. In recent years tighter building regulations mean they are better insulated than ever before and are often intentionally made more air tight. However, all buildings (and their inhabitants) require a source of fresh air. This can be achieved either by natural or mechanical means. Im many commercial buildings natural ventilation is simply not practical or even achievable. Fabis can design & install the right ventilation systems for you using the latest technology to meet your needs.

Not sure of your specific ventilation requirements? We will take into account any size limitations, capacity or concealment issues, including the venting of hazardous and/or noxious fumes. Once we have established all your needs Fabis can design, instal, test & maintain a ventilation solution that meets your specific needs why not request a quotation or design service now.

Why choose 'Can-Do' Fabis for your ventilation?

With over 25 years experience in the HVAC industry Fabis have earned a solid reputation for being innovative, cost-effective and flexible in approach to design,installation and ongoing maintenance of ventilation systems. It may be a cliché, but literally no job is too small or too big. Our long list of satisfied clients and contractors are testimony to our approach on a variety of challenging installations and environments. Looking for ventilation engineers with a 'Can-Do' philosophy? Why not give us a try?

Ventilation Systems Overview

Type Name   Components of indoor air quality
HEAT RECLAIM VENTILATION VAM-FA Ventilation Systems VAM-FA 1 Ventilation
VKM-G Ventilation Systems VKM-G 1 Ventilation
3 Air Processing
VKM-GM Ventilation Systems VKM-GM 1 Ventilation
2 Humidification
3 Air Processing
3 Air Processing
ERQ AND VRV ® AIR HANDLING APPLICATIONS EKEXV-kit Ventilation Systems EKEXV-kit 1 Ventilation
3 Air Processing