Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Repairs, Callouts & Planned Maintenace Contracts for Air Conditioning Systems

All air conditioning units/systems need to be properly maintained at regular intervals to ensure optimum performance. Regular maintenance helps prevent breakdowns and reduces unexpected bills for call-outs for replacement components/units. Planned air conditioning maintenance also ensures that your system runs with the smallest possible carbon footprint.

Fabis offer a complete after care service. Our dedicated service engineers, are fully trained and experienced with all the leading manufacturer units/systems, and are F-gas certified, in accordance with legislation on refrigerant gases July 2011. They will diagnose any faults, replace and/or repair parts to ensure the maximum life span of the equipment and smooth running is achieved for the minimum cost.

In critical environments e.g. datacentres, server rooms etc. the cost of a major air conditioning failure could be catastrophic. Overheated equipment can cause shut down or become irreparably damaged, which can then be very costly to replace! In other less critical environments the costs may not be as tangible, but can be equally devastating to the long term future and profitability of a business. It has been proven that uncomfortable customers spend less and leave the premises early, without making purchases and that staff are less productive when working in hot offices. Planned maintenance and regular servicing reduces the risk of unexpected failures, prolongs life/component expectancy, it also ensures that your air conditioning systems run as cost-effectively as possible both to the environment and your building running costs.

Maintenance contracts are available on all HVAC installations, new and old. Our Planned Maintenace Contracts add to the life expectancy of your air conditioning and heating equipment and will dramatically decrease the likelihood of breakdowns occurring. Should the unfortunate happen, rest assured, one of Fabis's expert technicians will be with you in the quickest possible time.

What will a 'Fabis Planned Maintenace Contract' do for you?:

  • Reduce Unexpected Costs
  • Minimise any Downtime
  • Minimise Energy Costs
  • Prolong the life of your air con systems
  • Provide 'Peace of Mind' that your air con system is covered in all eventualities!

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